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Interface ISelectTable

The information about the table used in a SELECT query. This also supports selecting the fields to be returned for each table, if none a specified or '*' then all fields from the table are returned.

It is important to specify only the fields required to reduce the data payload and improve the query performance.




Optional alias

alias: string

The alias of the table, can be used when joining a table to itself.

Optional fields

fields: Array<ISelectField | string>

The fields to be selected. It can be only a string for the field name or a structure holding the field name, an optional alias and extent index to use for array fields.

Optional filter

filter: Filter

The query's filter for this table, if any.

Optional join

The join information, if any, of this table with another parent table.


name: string

The name of the table the query will be executed on.


The selection mode on this table (EACH/FIRST/LAST).