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Akera is a lightweight application server for Progress OpenEdge built on the node.js platform conceived primarily for web/mobile applications.

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What is Akera


While the traditional ‘speed script’ applications down to Progress version 9.1A, using both procedural and object oriented development, are supported out of the box, the real power can be unleashed from complete integration with the node.js platform that makes it perfect for developing and deploying web/mobile applications while (re)using the power of Progress ABL for the business logic.

With more than 150k packages available in NPM repository the server-side business logic of your Progress application can be augmented with lots of useful functionality like push notification or web-sockets to only name a few available.


Technical Benefits

Server_64Easily expose Progress database/business logic as REST services

Connection_Chart_64Feature-based composition architecture, deployment freedom from all-in-one to highly scalable distributed architecture with load balancing

Browser_Tabs_64Lightweight, non-blocking I/O (memory/CPU friendly)

User_database_64‘Speed Script’ mode, supports applications written for WebSpeed/Ganimede (speed script)

API_Page_64API’s available for node.js, Java, PHP

Network_64Connectors available for a number of node.js ORM’s (object relational mapping): waterline, LoopBack

Licensing Benefits

Certification_Award_64 Simple and affordable licensing model

Verified_commercial_list_64 ISV royalty licensing available

Three_Servers_64 Server license (OS instance, Docker containers can be used): any number of instances, no limits on number of agents

Catalog_of_colors_64 Agent license, no limit on users, concurrent or named

Black_and_white_credit_cards_64 Classical on-time or SaaS subscriptions (pay as you go, always up to date)

non-commercial Community edition available for non-commercial use

Use Cases

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1. Speed Script applications

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  • deploy any speed script application (WebSpeed/Ganimede)
  • backward compatible API's
  • no cgi/nsapi messenger required
  • all in one or distributed deployment
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    2. Not ready for OO
    Older versions of Progress

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  • can work with any Progress version from 9.1A
  • procedural code is OK
  • add mobile/web components to existing applications
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    3. JavaScript 'shared' development using node.js (UI / back-end)

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  • use same language for front-end (UI) and back-end – Javascript developers
  • full benefits of using the node.js platform (more than 150k packages available)
  • web frameworks and ORM solutions available (sails.js/waterline, loopback.io)
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